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Support Animal Rescue, spay and neuter your pets and don’t let them roam. You can choose to be part of the problem or part of the solution. Did you know there are 45 cats and dogs to every person in the US and only 1 out of 10 ever find a home. Please be responsible. Looking for low cost spay/neuter services? Look at our NEWS page!!

A story about Chance..............

Take a chance people say, if you don’t take the chance you will never know, chance happening, chance meetings, etc, etc, etc.............still no one took a chance on Chance.

Chance was a big beautiful black Labrador retriever that came to OLBH at the age of about 5-6 years old in 2008. His former family abandoned him when they lost their home. Neighbours took him in, only to discover that without a fence, he chased the neighbourhood cats. So Chance came to us. Chance was one special boy, loving, sweet, good with kids and other dogs, everyone loved Chance and he loved everyone back.

Yes, Chance was a big boy, and he was also black and large black dogs are the hardest to get adopted and many never find the homes and families to love that they so deserve, just because they are large and black. Are we as Americans so particular about a “type” of dog, a breed of dog, or what we may read in the papers that we cannot see the dog inside?!?! Or are most simply afraid they will shed that black hair around their clean houses? Maybe both, whatever the reason, these wonderful dogs get left behind. Of course they get what they need at our rescue, but what they do not get is a family of their own to love and be loved by. Someone to sit with them and stroke their fur, play with them, kiss them and sometimes just hold them.

Chance died last night (7/3/11) in his sleep. No one took a Chance and gave him the big soft comfy couch and a gentle hand to stroke his fur on a daily basis that he so deserved.  Chance deserved so much more. The fireplace to lay by on winter nights, the friend to follow around the house while things were getting done, the afternoon nap while football was on, the bank side to set on while his friend fished for the big one. He never will get to know again the wonderful feeling of having his own family.

I am a volunteer at OLBH, and I like all of the rest of the core volunteers loved Chance and whenever we were at the rescue we all spent some time with him showing him as much love as we could in the short time we had. I have taken a chance on two of OLBH’s large black dogs since I have been volunteering there, and have never in my life felt the kind of love that I have been given from these two wonderful boys, I lost one of my beloved boys to a tragic accident in April for which I will never get over, I cry every single day for the love that most wonderful boy gave to me every day he shared our home, I will never be the same person again with out him.

Please, when you are looking for a new dog to add to your life, consider the older, larger and even the black dogs. What is important when you are considering adding a dog to your family is your lifestyle, and how you and your family will interact with the dog. Don’t stop looking at a particular dog on our website because they are older, larger or have black fur. They all have lots of love to give and they are all just looking for a family to love back. Come and visit the rescue, visit individual dogs, spend time getting to know them...........then you will find the love of your life, just like I have.

Bobbi Stent

OLBH Volunteer