Our Lil’ Bit Of Heaven
Animal Rescue & Sanctuary

Thank you for visiting our website. We are a no-kill, non-profit, animal rescue and sanctuary. Providing help and homes for canines from across the state of Indiana and some surrounding states. The care, feeding, love, and emotional support for the dogs comes from the director, her husband, and a small group of faithful volunteers. Dr. Scott Royer of Worthington, Indiana and his staff provide all veterinary care for the residents here.

We do not receive government funding. The monetary amount required to run this rescue has to be generated from donations, adoption fees and fundraising activities. As everyone knows, times are hard and the economy is in a terrible state. Individual donations are down, grants are more difficult to secure and in-kind donations from companies/suppliers are at an all time low.

We use an average of 900#'s of dry food a week along with canned food for seniors, nursing moms & weaning pups. In addition to this we have several dogs who are on special diets due to illnesses, who also require maintenance medications.

Monthly preventatives run well over $3000 per month.

The kennel facility must be heated and that requires propane and electricity. Neither of which are cheap, averaging us in excess of $1500 a month.

We need to purchase food for the animals on a regular basis. This is not the normal routine for us, we have survived with company donations for many years, only purchasing during periods between deliveries. This has increased our annual operational expenses.

If you desire to donate food you may use the PayPal link above to donate money towards the purchase of food, just type "food" into the comments or simply mail a check to OLBH. If you would see it in your heart to give a regular monthly donation, please go to the "How you can help" page, use the PayPal link and have your donation automatically sent to OLBH each month.


And remember ALL donations are tax deductible!

The only way we are able to continue to help the ones who need us is with your support. No donation is too small.

Please pardon our mess!! This site is under renovation. If you cannot find what you are looking for please send us an email and we will be happy to help.

Thank you!